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The Med-Clean Method

Your Medical Facility is not like other offices out there. Cleaning your space like any other office will risk cross contamination and compromise infection control. Here’s what we do differently for your facility:

  1. Trash is done separately from cleaning. Touching waste in a medical facility and then touching other surfaces can transmit harmful illnesses. In our teams, the staff that do trash are aware of this and follow procedures accordingly.


  1. All vacuuming is done with a High-Pressure Backpack Vacuum with a HEPA air filtration system. Vacuums with a beater brush do get large debris off the floor, however they spread smaller debris and do not efficiently filter the air that comes back out. This ends up throwing what’s in the carpet, into the air of your space or smearing it around elsewhere.


  1. Hard floors are static mopped with disposable heads and then damp static mopped. Big wet string mops spread dirt around and leave more water on the floor. This can lead to floor damage and poor sanitation.


  1. Damp Mops are not dunked back into water; doing so spreads contamination. Mops that are dunked over and over into the same bucket of water (and that water doesn’t look clean after a while) will carry contaminates from room to room.


  1. Cold water is used. Hot water opens pores of coatings on surfaces. These pores allow dirt, grime and chemicals to get trapped in the coating.


  1. Bathroom floors are done separate from all other floors. No mop head that’s been used in a bathroom will be used anywhere else. Violating this is another way that dangerous contaminates move from bathrooms to treatment areas. This increases your risk of infections.


  1. No reusable cloths are used. All supplies used to wipe down and disinfect areas are disposed of immediately. What applies to the floors, applies here. Some services use cloths which they continually wash. This can be okay, but they must keep bathroom cloths separate, wash them in separate machines and properly replace cloths after a number of wash cycles depending on what the cloths were cleaning. If they do not follow proper procedures, your medical facility will be the one at risk.


  1. Hospital grade chemical is used. Household supplies can get by in most business offices, however, your facility has unique exposure to harmful diseases as well as patients with vulnerable immune systems at times. Skipping corners on supplies will put you and your patients at risk

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