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About Us

Local to Asheville

 Cleaning for You in Buncombe, Haywood, and Henderson Counties



What we Believe about Work…


Make Money

You don’t think you should work for free? Well great minds must think alike! We’re in the business of saving you money and feeding needy children (our children). Don’t fool around with people who overcharge you or don’t sustain themselves. They all cost you money in the end.

Have Fun

Not the 3-year-old-birthday-party-cake-on-the-walls kind of fun (maybe at home). But the, we-make-each-other-smile-and-the-day-is-better kind of fun! Who wants to drag around with a complainer all day every day? We sure don’t.

Be Real

We’re upfront with you and ourselves, and want you to be upfront with us. Let’s avoid going to high school all over again; the deep dark realm of hidden agendas, leading people on, “I’m mad at so and so for XYZ but will never tell them”, etc. If you don’t choose us because you don’t like Matt’s face, by all means, tell us!

Help Out

There’s more to doing a job than just meeting the bare minimums. We have each other on our teams and in our offices to care for. Not everyday is great, we don’t always hit our stride, but we are there through it together. And the more we help each other do good work, the less bad those hard days will be.



And now, just a little about Matt:

Hi! I’m Matt…

and this is my family. We moved here to the Asheville area from Johnson City TN in 2017, where I had a cleaning business that happened to clean some medical offices and surgery centers.

I loved working with Doctors and Medical Administrators, so I decided to only serve you by starting Reliable Medical Cleaning in 2018. I hope we work together soon!

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