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There are 7 Things You MUST Know Before You Change Cleaning Companies

(This list cannot found anywhere else)


What do your medical facility and a bank have in common?

Other than the fact that people work there…just about nothing

Let’s compare what you deal with on a daily basis to what they deal with (just for fun)

What You Deal With

  1. Insurance…should we just stop there?
  2. CDC Compliance
  3. Minimizing HIPAA Liabilities
  4. Preserving Expensive Equipment
  5. Storage of High Risk Medications
  6. Doctor Meetings
  7. Keeping the latest bug from affecting patients
  8. Crazy families who just want a reason to sue somebody
  9. And we both know this list can go on…

What They Deal With

  1. Get people’s money
  2. Don’t lose people’s money
  3. Sell people’s money

Maybe that was a bit silly, but it would certainly be safe to say that you and a bank have almost nothing in common.

In fact, you probably already know you’re drastically different from EVERYBODY else.

ie: General offices, industrial facilities, fitness centers, restaurants, hotels etc.

No one else can compare to you.

So what’s the big deal?

If your cleaning service treats you like anyone else it cleans, then you can end up with BIG problems.

Cross Contamination

Regulatory Fines

Operational Shut Downs from Damaged Equipment (this has happened in Asheville)

Medications going Missing

And again, this list could go on…

You MUST Choose the Right Cleaning Company

We are the right choice for you if you have a medical facility that needs janitorial cleaning services.

We can’t deny we’re a little biased towards ourselves.

It’s only because…we ARE the BEST choice for you.

We are well aware of the regulations and standards you require and we know how to exceed them.

We operate with the understanding that your margin for error is so much smaller with more severe consequences as opposed to other work places.

But here’s where you won’t find any other company like us:

We don’t just care about cleaning


We Care about You


You Get The “Refund + Dinner & Movie” Guarantee. Ask about it and we’ll share!


You Get The Risk-Free Tryout: Your First Week is COMPLETELY FREE


You Get The Flexibility to Call it Quits Anytime: No Contracts to Worry About


You Get Automated Reporting and Management that Cares

How to Use Us

Where We Are

– Buncome County

– Henderson County

– Haywood County

Who We Help

– Individual Practices

– Urgent Cares

– Outpatient Specialists

– Multi-Location Medical      Groups

– Surgery Centers


What We Do

– Recurring Cleaning

– Terminal Cleaning

– Floor Care

– Deep Cleansing

What You Do

1. Request Pricing

2. Pick a Start Date

3. Say “Bye” to Headaches


Who would you be hiring?

Hi! I’m Matt…

The owner of Reliable Medical Cleaning. We could put lists of regulations we obey for you and technical mumbo jumbo all over this website, and of course we do it all, but what really makes the difference is…who’s the person that’s serving you?

Giving you relief by providing you forever-lastingly-great service is my sole focus with Reliable Medical Cleaning. When you work with us, you don’t have to stress about the cleaning in your facility anymore. Many cleaning service owners aren’t highly involved in the day-to-day of their businesses, and you, unjustly, end up suffering for it.

You’ll be relieved to know, I’m not one of those owners.

You don’t have to worry about being overcharged, dealing with inconsistency or even having sketchy characters all alone in your building after hours.

Our staff are an extension of myself and I strive to provide you with the service you want.

To finally get relief: request pricing, pick when you want to start, never worry about the cleaning again and discover a renewed focus on the work you love!


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